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Luminous Babe @luminous_babe_  

The Boutique 2012 First Store Front

The Boutique began in the heart of young black girl.  Born in Detroit Michigan she watched her mother, father, aunties, uncles and cousins dress well.  She loved texture, color and fabrics very young and dressed up in her mothers clothes as often as her mother would allow.  

While living in California she was introduced to the Garment District and that is when she made her first purchase and began selling clothing from home.  Donna's Closet was born in 2002.  The first store front came ten years later and so did the name Donna's Haute Boutique.  This store had sugar pink walls and curtains just as the color of this background.  This video is to pay tribute to the beginning. To remember how far the little girl has come, where she has been and while securely stepping forward into the steps of where she is going she honors her past. 

DHB is now Devotion, Health & Beauty


DHB for Life